Share E-Bikes: More Distance, Less Worries!

Offer your users a healthy and efficient alternative for smooth commuting and explore new horizons with our shared e-bikes.

With our user-friendly app, easily reserve and borrow a bike in a snap. Experience the freedom of riding with our wireless charging system that ensures the bikes are always ready to go. Track your progress, monitor your saved CO2 emissions, and discover insightful statistics about your rides in your personalized user profile. Stay motivated and connected on your cycling journey!

What Does it Include?

Our offering? It's tailored to your specific needs.
Through collaboration, we carefully select the right hardware and software to perfectly meet or exceed your mobility requirements.


Unlock Sustainable Mobility: Share E-Bikes Tailored to Your Needs!

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Experience the convenience of e-bikes with wireless charging stations

For professional travel to clients, the train station, or the city center, trust VELIX! We provide tailored solutions for short or medium distances, offering a reliable alternative to the non-performing 'free-floating' model, ensuring availability. Embrace sustainability by transitioning to a hybrid transportation offering and choose modern e-bikes or e-cargos, including wireless charging stations! Reduce company cars, parking spaces, and gain more freedom. And it's healthy too! We also offer secure bicycle parking facilities. Get started with your own mobihub for your employees! Transform your company or business center into a beacon of modern mobility.


E-bikes with Wireless Charging Stations

Are you looking for efficient and sustainable solutions for professional trips to clients, the train station, or downtown? Look no further than VELIX! We specialize in providing tailored mobility solutions for short or medium distances.

Unlike unreliable "free-floating" models, we prioritize guaranteed availability, ensuring that you always have access to our modern fleet of e-bikes and e-cargos. Our innovative approach includes wireless charging stations, enabling hassle-free charging experiences.

By embracing our solutions, you can reduce the number of company cars, alleviate parking concerns, and enjoy the freedom of eco-friendly transportation. It's not just good for the environment; it's also beneficial for your well-being.

To further enhance your mobility experience, we offer secure and convenient bicycle parking facilities. You can trust us to provide a comprehensive solution that meets your needs.

Take the leap towards a more sustainable future by establishing your own employee mobility hub. Transform your company or business center into a beacon of modern mobility and embrace the advantages of our e-bikes with wireless charging stations.


E-bikes with Wireless Charging Stations

Are you involved in mobility, bike sharing, car sharing, parking services, or related offerings? Enhance your portfolio by integrating our solution! Seamlessly integrate our software into your existing services and voila, you're ready to operate.

We ensure that you can improve and expand your service offerings to your customers, leading to fruitful outcomes. The operation and revenue model are entirely in your hands.

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss a tailored collaboration.


Wireless Charging for Electric Bikes

Experience seamless professional commuting to clients, train stations, or city centers with VELIX! For short or medium distances, we offer tailored solutions. By avoiding the inefficient "free-floating" model, we ensure availability. Embrace sustainability, make the switch to a hybrid transportation offering, and choose modern e-bikes or e-cargo bikes, complete with wireless charging stations! Enjoy fewer company cars, less parking space, and increased freedom. And it's good for your health too! Additionally, we provide secure bicycle parking facilities.

Create your own mobile hub for your employees! Transform your company or business center into a beacon of modern mobility.



Bike Sharing Solutions

Velix offers tailored solutions for shared mobility within urban areas, corporate campuses, residential complexes, school environments, hospitals, and more. Our comprehensive approach ensures optimal user experience with sustainable bikes, wireless charging stations, and a high-performance app.

With the Velix All-In-One sharing system, you can guarantee seamless and eco-friendly transportation for your users. Grant access to your employees or customize user permissions based on specific profiles, departments, or groups.

Our built-in track-and-trace feature and user-friendly management platform eliminate the risk of lost bicycles, providing you with peace of mind.

Share, manage, exploit & analyze

Unlock the potential of shared, managed, operated, and analyzed mobility with Velix. Our user-friendly bike-sharing platform is sure to resonate with citizens. With numerous references and a commitment to rapid deployment, Velix offers unparalleled freedom. Our e-bikes are neatly parked in wireless charging stations, ready to take you on your urban adventures.

Say goodbye to the hassles of "free-floating" systems and operational obligations. Collaborate with our partners, including social workshops, or let us become your operational ally. Choose from our range of comfortable e-bikes, practical e-cargo bikes, or embrace both!

Experience a comprehensive solution with our cutting-edge hardware and software, enabling you to tailor a revenue model to your exact needs. Our intuitive dashboard provides real-time insights into fleet management, charging stations, users, and revenue. Crystal-clear reporting guarantees improved mobility.

Expand your horizons by seamlessly integrating other modes of transportation. Nothing should hold you back from creating a successful local mobility hub!

Products & Services

Velix invests in innovative and intelligent solutions that make your life easier. From wireless charging stations to integration with transportation systems like MoBiB and DeLijn, we provide a range of options. Additionally, we offer parking management solutions, including bike counters and detection systems.

Embrace sustainability and make the switch to modern e-bikes and e-cargo bikes, complete with wireless charging stations. Your bikes are always ready to go.